Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Find Out What Your Coworkers' Earn a Year

How to Find Out What Your Coworkers' Earn a Year

Knowing what the worker in the cubicle next to you earns on an annual basis is a blessing and a curse. It can be great to help you put your own career plan and negotiating strategy into persepctive; but it can also leave you feeling powerless and bitter, not a recipe for work happiness.

SalaryShare, a new website inspired by HackerNews, allows you to pool coworker salaries anonymously by setting up a secret link that is only available to people you choose. You'll need at least four participants to get the list revealed.

Well, it's not truly anonymous - your coworkers will know who set up the salary pool because you must circulate the link in order to get people to partake! But when the salaries are revealed, you will not know who is attached to each dollar amount. Each person who participates receives a private link to view the results.

For example if you are a freelance blogger, let us know how much you earn a year (only from blogging) by joining our salary pool.

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