Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Season for Sharing by Glenda Brown

We’re all familiar with the saying “It’s better to give than to receive.” A recent study has given scientific proof that providing support to others provides health benefits to the giver, in addition to the one receiving the support. While I appreciate the science, I’ve known the benefits of giving for a long time, and in my experience, there’s an incredible correlation between giving and receiving when it comes to career support.

This holiday season, I’m encouraging you to offer and give career support to individuals in your network and prepare for the benefits that will come your way in return. I believe it’s the most powerful and authentic way to build and maintain a powerful network, strong connections, and access to opportunities and support. Here is my top list of ideas for supporting others. I look forward to hearing your ideas as well.
Introductions:  Think about people you know who would benefit from meeting others in your network. In five to ten minutes, you can create a warm introduction by email and share your thoughts on how the two might benefit professionally from knowing one another. If you have colleagues who are particularly focused on job seeking at the moment, invite them to review your connections list, and let them request people they would appreciate connecting with.

Recommendations and Endorsements:  If you aren’t endorsing and recommending your outstanding business associates proactively, you’re missing a great opportunity to build relationship capital. An unsolicited recommendation posted to an associate’s LinkedIn, Viadeo or other profile will delight the recipient, and in all likelihood, the favor will be enthusiastically returned.

Support: Let’s face it – these are tough times and some of the most exceptionally talented executives are pounding the pavement. Check in with those in your network who are actively looking, offer your time to listen to their challenges or brainstorm their job search strategy. Take it a step further by recognizing that one challenge an out-of-work executive faces is the lack of daily business decisions that naturally keep one engaged and sharp. By asking for advice on a business situation you’re navigating, you’re providing a confidence boost for the jobseeker who might suddenly feel re-valued, and you’ll likely receive true expertise around your challenge.PRESENTED BY: Executive Leadership, LLC SPECIALIZING IN: Human Capital Transition and Executive Coaching - (908) 822-9655 WEBSITE: http://www.exec-leadershipLLC.com
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